Microsoft Project 2019 Professional license Key
Microsoft Project 2019 Professional license Key
Microsoft Project 2019 Professional license Key
Microsoft Project 2019 Professional license Key

Microsoft Project 2019 Professional license Key

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Microsoft Project is the project management and control software from Microsoft. With Microsoft Project 2019 Professional, the Group is presenting the best version of the product to date. Schedule and resource management are thus possible, as is the rapid creation of reports and interim reports. Exclusively with the Professional Edition of Microsoft Project 2019, you also have the option of synchronizing your projects with a Project Server. This makes collaboration in larger teams and especially across departmental boundaries easier than ever before. You can buy Microsoft Project from blitzhandel24 at extremely attractive conditions: with lightning fast license shipping and competent advice on all aspects of the product!

What Microsoft Project 2019 Professional can do

Microsoft Project 2019 Professional supports you in planning and monitoring your business projects. With the Precedence Diagram Method you can create larger projects with little effort. The individual project steps and processes mentioned in Project "Tasks" can be defined flexibly. The different items and resources can be planned with regard to the resulting dependencies. The possibility to design projects based on ready-made or self-created templates takes a lot of effort out of the planning phase. Thanks to what-if scenarios, you can optimally plan the working hours of your teams or individual employees. By integrating Project into the MS Office ecosystem and, above all, by integrating it with the MS Exchange server, projects can be communicated even better in operation with Microsoft Project 2019 Professional. Users have the option of transmitting timesheets directly. Both project-related and non-project-related - this further improves the planning of specific projects. Of course, integration with groupware and ERP solutions from other manufacturers is also possible. For example with Domino from Lotus/IBM or SAP PS. So by purchasing Microsoft Project, you can continue to use the best features of your existing software infrastructure and ensure a smooth transition.

Schedule and resource management

Already in the planning stage, but especially during the implementation of a project, it is important to use your resources wisely. Material, costs and above all manpower and time budget are the most important factors for the successful realization of your ideas. By purchasing Project 2019, you get all the tools you need to balance your actual resources against your planned expenses and budget. In this way you can see early on whether you and your team are on schedule or whether changes to the original projection are necessary. You can also check the current level of completion of the project with regular reports. Simple export options to other Office applications (such as Visio or Excel) also make it easier to communicate how far the project has progressed.

Project Server and Project Online

The additional use of Project Server 2019 gives you the opportunity to plan and manage larger projects in a team. Alternatively, it is now also possible to avoid operating your own Project Professional Server by using the Microsoft cloud solution "Project Online". Especially if you already rely on the possibilities of the cloud with other Microsoft Office products, it can be useful to keep an eye on Project Online. Microsoft Project 2019 Professional will become an even more attractive option through the possibilities of cloud use.

Requirements of Microsoft Project 2019 Professional

If you decide to purchase Microsoft Project 2019 Professional, you should clarify in advance whether your IT meets the necessary requirements. Since Project 2019, the client application can only be used under Windows 10. Especially when using Project 2019 in combination with your server infrastructure, there are other points to consider. Project Server 2019 requires at least Windows Server 2016 as operating system and MS SQL Server 2016 with Service Pack 1 as database system. In addition, SQL Analysis Services must be installed in order to use features such as Cube Building.

You are not quite sure yet whether Microsoft Project 2019 Professional is the best solution for you? Do you have questions about this or one of our other offers? Our friendly and competent support team is looking forward to advise you. So get in touch with us right away: by phone, e-mail or directly here on the site via chat.


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