Microsoft Project Professional 2016 Product Key

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 Product Key

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Measuring project progress and ensuring success

In Microsoft Project Standard 2016 you have the permanent possibility to record the progress of your projects. Various measurement parameters show exactly which processes are essential for achieving the project goal. Use Project 2016 Standard to create meaningful presentations on a regular basis and provide your project team or the board of directors with insight into activity planning, resource allocation, profitability, and other key project components. The project management software helps you to graphically display all key figures of your project in a timeline view. Measure progress using ready-made reports, such as burndown reports or resource overviews, and easily share them with the entire team using MS Project Standard 2016. This enables you to achieve fast results together and to react to any problems in the best possible way.


Comprehensive functions for reliable project management


Plan and manage projects with easy-to-use features that help you keep track of resources, costs, and work progress.The latest project templates from can be accessed directly from Project Standard 2016, so you can start planning your new project immediately.The office-like interface of MS Project 2016 Standard offers an intuitive navigation within the program.The comprehensive reporting tools, such as burndown reports or resource overviews, let you easily measure project progress and allow you to reliably check resource allocation.In Project Standard 2016, relationships between tasks can be easily displayed using the task path in the Gantt chart, so you can see exactly which tasks are driving your project forward.In the timeline view, you can place several timelines next to each other and graphically display them. Presentations about the course of the project can be created quickly at any time.Without any loss of quality, elements from Microsoft Project Standard 2016 can be inserted and edited in all other Office applications. So you have your data quickly at hand and can use it for PowerPoint presentations or insert it into Word documents.


Keeping an overview of projects


Microsoft Project Standard 2016 offers you many different ways to plan and manage your projects efficiently. Organize your projects in detail and always keep track of schedules and resource allocation. Get started quickly with the latest project templates, available directly from Project 2016 Standard at The improved graphical user interface, which is based on Office 2016, allows quick orientation within the program. In MS Project Standard 2016, summarize all daily work, important details, project tasks and several time axes on the functional interface and thus always have an overview of all key figures at a glance. The operation path, highlighted in the Gantt chart, shows you the relationships between your operations. Microsoft Project 2016 Standard thus shows you which tasks are most important for a successful project completion.



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